Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Aloha Friday...

No work till Monday ...doo dee doo doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo.

I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin for a long time – even before she had a Happiness Project.  So read this article when you get a chance, but in the meantime, this Aloha Friday we are going for i (instant) pretty!

Last Aloha Friday we  picked the dresses, the jewelry and the signature perfume.  We know the who (why us of course) and the what (a festive evening out in our best attire) and all we need is the where and the wear (for our tootsies).

Since I am running this show and my imagination looms LARGE I will show you my dress just one more time

and my jewelry
So what do you think about these shoes?
Too high?  Too funky?
How about these then?

I can't quite decide.

(you know you can click on the photo to get the link and help me decide. 
Of course price is no option. LMBO)

Pick yours. 

#1.  Your dream shoes to wear for a memorable evening out.

Now where are you going with your dream date? 

Oh for me there is no question...

#2.  Your dream destination for a night on the town

(You can catch me in the Amber Room at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong,
oh and thank goodness I won't have to walk very far in those heels since I'll be staying at the hotel)

#3.  That special little something for before, after or during.

(Guess I'll have to catch a cab to Kowloon side for this one oh shoot,
what am I thinking?  Forget about it, make it a limo!).

DHubs likes me to play this game.  It's like I actually get to go there w/o spending the money.

Want to play?

It's best to save an image to your computer file first.

Link to a URL, not your blog!

Make sure you put the category # (1,2,3) and your name.

(No need to put your email addy.)

That's it! See...easy peasy.

Enter once, twice or thrice.

Keep your fingers crossed and Amber may reward a random winner,

otherwise just chalk it up to a fun start to your weekend.

See you on Monday!



wendyp said...

these days a trip to the bookstore just to two of us for coffee is a dream date. Its nice to just be able to get away for an hour to two to talk without having to talk louder than the backseat chatterboxes. LOL!

Pam said...

HAHA Ivory girl aka Wendy - I too remember when a trip to Starbucks was an adventure and then when we'd get there we'd only talk about "them"! One day you too will be able to dream of going on an African Safari, just the two of you, and looking at REAL animals! Nice try.

Amberbop said...

Mom, You have to go with the Badgley Mischkas. Now that I think about it they are so you. No question about it. Am I put out that I tried that exact pair on at Bergdorf yesterday? A little, but it's the holiday season and I'll try to let that go.

Wendy you are an inspiration. My journal prompt yesterday was "moderation or excess?" It was an easy one.

Shilo said...

You cannot choose the Christian Louboutin shoes. The sparkly Badgley Mischka's are the clear winner!
The Duchess has spoken.

Emily Leiphart said...

It's a really tough choice between the Badgley Mischkas and the Louboutins! Get them both... Swap halfway through the night. ;)

I know you're shocked I'm not headed to Italy this time. I just have a craving for Greek food today!!

Pam said...

Ah, my TWO fashionistas have spoken. The Mischka's it is. I forget, more expensive is not always the better choice. Now remind me, what chanel are you on? Oh, and Duchess, my dear...excellent choice on the Eiffel. Been wanting to have a visit with Jules myself. If it weren't for having to walk so far in those shoes or intruding on that gorgeous date of yours I'd be tempted to go with you!

Pam said...

Emily, we posted at the same time! Get them both! Why didn't I think of that. Now I will have a closer look at your Greek!

Emily Leiphart said...

I've heard that handmade truly expensive shoes are comfy!!! My $300 Cole Haans are super comfy. $1000 Louboutins would be like walking on a duvet! ;)

Pam said...

Validation. It is sweet. Thank you Emily for explaining that expensive usually IS better ;) Amber, thank you for putting in our very favorite North American Turkish restaurant. So fun that one. And Tanny - When you are in Spain, head over to
there is another one for you and Mr. P. to try!
Okay, I have to go and have my bread and water now.

Emily Leiphart said...

Really, only two things in life are worth spending a lot of money on... shoes and bedsheets. I don't recall where that came from but I suppose it's very true! We walk a million miles in our lifetime and a good night's sleep means everything.

I need to go to Spain to eat at that restaurant. Yum!

Lindsey said...

Wow, I could waste, no, spend a lot of time picking out shoes... :P Fun!

Karin said...

Another fun one today! I'm a shoe gal, so Pam...Get both :) I'm with Emily on the sheet thing. We are due for some new ones and I was going to ask for them for Christmas. Then I realized no one would get me 1000 thread count ones, so I'm just buying them myself ;) They are worth every penny. Have a great weekend everyone!

Lindsey said...

Ooh, it's cocktail hour and some of these choices look yummy... oh, bartender? :P

Pam said...

Oh yes Julie are a high powered spy at hear aren't you? Move over Angelina.

Amberbop said...

Oh foxy needles, you are truly a gem.