Friday, June 18, 2010

Every Little Thing We Can

To this day, nothing has driven me in my life and my work more than my love of the sea.

When I came to New York after graduating from Kahuku High School I couldn't sleep at night without the pounding of the waves on the sand. I longed for the Pacific the way I longed for my family. I am always homesick for the ocean.

Through every heart break, and every outside stress, through every personal and public tragedy I have faced, nothing ever heals me like the reassuring calm of the sea.

This spill in the Gulf weighs on me like a constant restricting pressure on my chest. I try not to think about it, and then feel guilty for protecting myself from that pain. When it washes over me it feels unbearable.

In all of this, I hurt to hurt the Ocean. I realize that my loss is not the loss of fisherman and families watching the damage happen moment to moment. My home is not immediately threatened but my heart is. I pray for the comfort to bare this. I love the sea. I long for an end to this daily terror. Nothing is more sacred to me.

We can help in little ways though we may be far away.

This Baby Mermaid illustration will be up for purchase with lots of other amazing art donated at

later this week you'll be able to find larger prints of it at Etsy's Help the Gulf Coast Shop.

In both cases 100% of the money raised goes to Gulf Coast charities.

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